(see my earlier email below)
Ran into a few issues after upgrading one lpar to V6R1.
Apparently you cannot use the SENDEPSV ftp subcommand in your ftp client
prior to V6R1. So burying that in your ftp scripts to prepare for V6R1 is
not an option.
You either have to:
- Change all your ftp scripts to contain that (for those servers that
don't support it (like a bank that we're dealing with) after the upgrade
to V6R1 but prior to use thereof.
- Change your ftp programs that process the output from OVRDBF(OUTPUT) to
ignore the "500 Subcommand EPSV not valid." message.
- Upgrade all your trading partners to support this (big freaking HAH!).

Gee, I wonder what the Change Management and High Availability vendors
will do if they try to ftp from a V6R1 machine to a pre V6R1 machine?
Perhaps they ignore the "500 Subcommand EPSV not valid." message and
solely concentrate on the "226 File transfer completed successfully."

FTPing from a V6R1 i lpar to a V5R4 i lpar, with all the latest ptf's
(just upraded them all this weekend).
Connecting to host GDIHQ.dekko-1 at address using port 21.
220-QTCP at GDIHQ.dekko-1.
220 Connection will close if idle more than 5 minutes.
331 Enter password.
230 ROB logged on.
OS/400 is the remote operating system. The TCP/IP version is "V5R4M0".
250 Now using naming format "0".
257 "ROB" is current library.
namefmt 1
250 Now using naming format "1".
Server NAMEFMT is 1.
Client NAMEFMT is 1.
cd /rob
250 "/rob" is current directory.
lcd /rob
Local working directory is /rob
put duh.txt
250 Now using naming format "1".
257 "/rob" is current directory.
500 Subcommand EPSV not valid.
227 Entering Passive Mode (10,10,1,211,90,67).
150 Sending file to /rob/duh.txt
226 File transfer completed successfully.

Rob Berendt

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