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Dear List,

I subscribe to a classic computers e-mail list and there was a recent
posting on that list from someone wanting to dispose of a significant amount
of AS/400 related hardware.

In the event some of the equipment might be useful to someone reading this
list, I have forwarded the posting to midrange-l.

Best Regards,

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Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008 08:55:20 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: Last call for anyone wanting old AS/400 features, cables,
To: cctech list <cctech@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


I have a collection of AS/400 parts all of which I need to get rid of.
I'm in the process of scrapping out this stuff, so you have to let me know
if there's anything here you want in the next week or its gone. Also, each
item is provided for shipping charges. Any donations to help with my time
would be appreciated. Its easier to scrap it out that to ship it, but I
hate to throw away working hardware... a problem a lot of people on this
list have, I think! :)

I am pretty much clueless on AS/400 stuff, so if you see something here
that doesn't make sense, ask.

Features; the busses may still be available. I have cables for these

9406-5010/5030 IBM I/O Card Unit Feature (rackmount bus for AS/400)
940x-6019 IBM Card for 5030 feature (bus controller?)
940x-6031 IBM 2 line communications ADAP card for 5010/5030 bus
940x-6040 IBM twinax workstation controller card for 5010/5030 bus
940x-6130 IBM Communications I/O processor card for 5010/5030 bus

5042 IBM Expansion chassis - AS/400, rackmount. Includes some
blank panels. Has power controller cards.
940x-2621 IBM removable media device attachment for 5042 bus
940x-2623 IBM 6 line communications controller for 5042 bus
940x-2626 IBM Token ring adapter 16/4 Mbps for 5042 bus
940x-2684 IBM Optical bus adapter (< 266 Mbps) for 5042 bus
940x-6050 IBM Twinax workstation controller for 5042 bus
940x-6140 IBM Twinax workstation controller for 5042 bus
940x-6141 IBM ASCII workstation controller for 5042 bus
940x-6501 IBM DASD Controller for 5042 bus
940x-6501 IBM DASD controller; in box, possibly new/unused, for 5042

I also have these two tape drives:
7460 Decision Data Corp Dual 8MM tape drives for AS/400, with
6860-CTRL from IPL Systems Inc. Rackmount, includes rack hardware, SCSI

9348-001 IBM/remanufactured 9 track reel tape drive, SCSI. Includes
cable and rackmount hardware. This unit has suffered damage to the front
cover; its not known if the unit still works at this time.

Twinax printers.
4224-01 IBM These printers that don't seem to work.
6262-T12 IBM Parts only, too big to ship.
Telex 225 Genicome/Telex Parts only, already disassembled

These Twinax and Token Ring networking parts, including twinax cables
and some new twinax covers in bags:
5294 IBM 5294-43185 twinax controller with V.35 interface
2452259 EC 834326 IBM Modem to 5294 controller cable

828AT STAR-TEK Intelligent multistation access unit
CPA2501 Cisco CiscoPro access unit. Has 2 cards installed - SMART
SM536X29001C457 102396-29 memory expansion, and SM732C1000B-12 093096-13
flash memory card for firmware.

3C510511B 10511B-00 3COM SuperStack II Token ring hubs. 7 units include a
connecting cable to interconnect them to another SuperStack II hub. All
have power cords. Operational until AS/400 deinstalled.
3C16900A 3COM SuperStack II Switch 1000 main assembly 1690-010-000-3.01

15013002 Madge Pccard token ring adapter, ringnode Mk2, 16/4 Mbps, with
15013002 Madge ringnode Mk2 as above without cable
34L1499 IBM Pccard token ring, 16/4 Mbps, with cable
933929 IBM Pccard token ring with cable
3C389 3COM Pccard token ring, 16/4 Mbps, without cable

J3264A HP JetDirect 500X token ring print server, w/ power supply
309938-002 Intel Netport Express XL token ring print server, no power supply

Intel Netport ExpressPRO token ring print server, w/ power supply

C. Frank Helvey email: cfhelvey at yahoo dot com
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