Never been overly happy with OPS Console. It either works or problematic ( very ). On the other hand I'm Very Happy with LAN Console. Just remember a few things...

#1 Either keep the passwords very simple and/or document them.
#2 On setup the i5 and PC share some security data that ties THAT PC to the defined name on the i5. If you delete the setup on the PC, you can't just re-create it and have it work. Which leads to #3
#3 Always have more than 1 console defined...
#4 The first console setup needs to be on the same IP subnet ( no router between the PC and i5 )

Craig Pelkie wrote:
I am spec'ing a 520 POWER Entry system, I am trying to decide upon the
relative merits of the Opeations Console vs. a LAN Console.

Operations Console: requires the PCIe 2-Line WAN w/modem feature. The only
use I would have for this feature is the Ops Console, so if LAN Console is
viable, I don't think I will need this feature. I am familiar with using Ops
Console on my iSeries model 270. It has performed flawlessly the few times I
have used it. This is the feature that uses the Operations Console program
in iSeries Access for Windows.

LAN Console: as far as I can tell, this will run on the Dual Port 1Gb
Ethernet adapter, which is speced into the system.

Not up for discussion: twinax, concerns about using Windows program to
manage i, etc.

I simply need pros/cons of LAN Console, as I am completely unfamiliar with
that option. Any pointers to references are appreciated.

Thank you,
Craig Pelkie

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