My problem comes from the fact that I don't receive the credit card info, I redirect the customer to the processor's site, and when the credit transaction is finished (aproved or rejected) the processor redirect the customer to my site. At this time I confirm the transaction, or I ask for some other form of payment.
When the customer does not come back, I need to find out if he got lost before or after the credit card was carged. In this last case, I can accept the ad and publish it, even if the customer does not get the "Ok screen".

Running one hourly procces will be a better if we have many transactions.

Shannon ODonnell wrote:

If you have already sent the card info to the credit card processeor and you
have gotten an approval from them to charge the card (charge cleared) and
gotten a verification number back from them...then that person's card has
been charged and you're done. If they abandon the process or otherwise
claim they changed their minds, then they need to contact you in a separate
process or their card issuer, to get a refund.

Once the card is charged, it's charged. Unless you are doing a block on the
account for a certain amount of money first. In which case you don't
actually send a request to the card processor to debit the card until that
individual presses a final "OK" button or equivalent.

You have two options with a credit card process like this:

1. You charge the card immediately, which is one type of transaction you
send to the card processor
2. You block out a certain amount of money on the card, get an
authorization # back for that from the procecessor, ask for the customer to
finish the transaction and if they do, you send that to the card processor
again, this time, requesting they charge now charge the card.

I guess I fail to see why you would ever need any kind of built in delay for
this. All you'll end up doing is getting the timing wrong and pissing
people off.

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I have a program for seling newspaper ads by credit card.

It works like this:

Customer selects the ad, how big, how many days, etc. and gets the price,
Next I send him to the site of the credit card processor.
Once finish, the customer gets send back and I verify (with the processor) if the transaction is Ok.

Now I have to take the steps to recover the transaction if something goes wrong, like customer abandoning the card processor or not returnig to finish the transaction.

One idea is to send a job to a jobq to be executed in 1 hour from now, if it founds the transaction completed, just returns, otherwise calls the processor and finishes or rejects the transaction.
Is there a way to tell sbmjob to wait for one hour? Or I need to set date and time?

Any better ideas?


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