FTPAPI lets you specify the connection timeout value. Maybe it'd be worth trying that? I don't know how you could accomplish the same thing with the IBM client...

Alan Shore wrote:
Sorry I didn't respond in a more timely fashion.
Thanks to those people who responded
Rob@xxxxxxxxx suggested trying PING, unfortunately on a lot of the external
sites PING has been disabled.
Vern made the suggestion below, but my problem is that if the site is down,
I cannot ftp to their site to change anything, so that when I try to ftp
get, the ftp script fails, but the control does not pass back to my program
for quite a while.
So, if anyone has anymore suggestions?

Alan Shore
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There is a little-known server sub-command that can be used to set

TIME <inactivity> <transfer>: Sets server time-out values for this FTP

<transfer> is optional

This is run using the QUOTE client sub-command

So from your client you can run

quote time 900 30

sets inactivity timeout to 15 minutes and waiting for data to arrive to 30
seconds - at least I think that is its meaning.

Run STAT from your FTP session to see what the values are for your session
now. One of our machines comes back with

211-File transfer time-out value set to 420 seconds.
211 Current inactivity time-out value set to 3600 seconds.

when using ftp to loopback.

Inactivity timeout is settable with the CHGFTPA command - transfer timeout
is not. The inactivity timeout is also the source for the message you get
from an iSeries when you first enter an FTP session - Connection will not
be closed... ' or 'Connection will close if idle...'

This might have no effect on a Windows FTP server or a Linux one.


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Morning everyone
I have a question concerning ftp. Hopefully my question comes across the
way I want it to.
We have a script that gets files via ftp from different sites. If for
reason that ftp site is not available, we have to wait for a time-out to
occur on the ftp request.
Who controls that time-out? Is there a way to programmatically recognize
that situation to circumvent the time-out?
Here is a copy of what the FTPLOG looks like
6/03/08 22:08:30 XXXXXXXX Send FTP File (SNDFTPF) Command Log
Input read from specified override file.
Connecting to remote host 123.45.678.901 using port 21.
Cannot connect to host 123.45.678.901 at address123.45.678.901. Try again

Enter an FTP subcommand.

As usual, many thanks for any and all help offered

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