Using V5R4 BRMS, we submit the backup in a batch job to the controlling
subsystem. If you look in the system policy, there are options for
Controlling subsystem: allow backups in batch, and restricted state time
limit. We set our to yes, and 180 (minutes). If after 3 hours the backup
is still running (very unlikely) or a tape error occurs, the system will
end the backup job and call the system startup program.

You would define the save command as:
Strbkubrm ctlgrp(ctlgrp) sbmjob(*ctlsbs)

We have had this happen, and works well if you can wait for the job to
time out. If you are in an LPAR environment, you can go into SST and
work with partitions, there is an option to end batch restricted state.


Loyd Goodbar
Business Systems
BorgWarner Shared Services
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Subject: how are BRMS Full Sys Save errors handled?

Since a submitted job, and QCTL subsystem is down, what would happen if
like a tape drive error? Would BRMS abort the save and bring system up,
or do we get a processor check?
It has not happened but Help Desk here wants to know. Machine & tape
drive in a remote data center. V5R4
Jim Franz

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