Yep, static IP with a direct connection via the modem to the internet.

I am not sure I understand the last paragraph but it does sound like it
could hold the key to the solution I need. I'll have to go back and read
this some more to see if I can figure out what you are suggesting I do.


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So. my question is. I have two Ethernet cards in my iSeries. I'm
if I could set my network up so that the ISP Modem goes directly into my
iSeries (which would put it completely outside of the local router) and
then, using the other Ethernet card, pass all local PC traffic in and out
through the Wireless-N router and then through the iSeries and out to the
internet that way.

Depending on what your ISP uses, this is possible. Are you using PPPoE
or a similar encapsulation protocol to connect to your ISP? PPPoE etc.
are usual on ADSL connections.

Or are you using a Cable modem, where you have a "direct" Ethernet

Do you have a Static or Dynamic IP-Adress?

The IBM i can't use PPPoE or DHCP to get an ip adress, which limits
it's ability to act as a router in with SOHO-Internet connections.

Is it possible to use the iSeries in this manner? In effect, I'd be
it into a router (sort of).

Yep depending on your internet connection, i don't think it's a good
idea though.

Better way would be to disable the second NIC on your IBM i, add it to
the LAN like a PC, use the Belkin as a Router, and forward only the
ports you need to your i. It might even make sense to use VPN instead
of direct internet access, but this depends on the abilities of the
Belkin Router and what exactly you want to achieve.

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