Ron Adams wrote:
I know of very few programs written for the PC 15 years ago that are
still running and usable today, in fact I can't think of any.

I'm still using a roughly 18-year-old release of my favorite typesetting program, Xerox Ventura Publisher, DOS/GEM Edition, and a roughly 15-year-old release of WordPerfect, on my own personal hardware. There are some nasty impedance bumps (requiring touch-up in Acrobat) with certain special-purpose fonts, when I generate PDFs from Ventura-generated PostScript print files, and I once ended up sending a supposedly-genuine-Adobe-PostScript color laser printer back to the vendor the day after it arrived, because it refused to print from Ventura, but there's nothing I can't deal with.

Then again, I don't allow WinDoze to be installed on my own personal hardware: my boxes run DOS, or they run Linux, or they run MacOS.

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