The ConvertCase APIs work fine with Unicode data. Just use CCSID 13488 and your graphic fields. Unicode uses the Graphic data type, but it is not DBCS.

Bruce Vining

Dave Murvin <davem@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have some routines I use such as ToMixed(fieldname) that convert to
upper/lower case and they need to be able to handle Graphic character
fields with CCSID 13488 (UCS-2).

The traditional %Xlate with not do it because there will be multiple
languages (English and German to start). I have also looked at the
QlgConvertCase API, but is says that "This API does not convert
double-byte character data from and double-byte character set (DBCS)
or from a mixed-byte character set". I have tried to converting with
this API and in fact is does not convert by field. This API can
base conversion on a CCSID, but it appears that it does not do this
for Graphic character field (a 10 byte character field takes up 20
Graphic bytes).

Is there another way to do Upper/Lower case conversions with Graphic
UCS-2 fields or am I possibly doing something wrong using the
API. ( When I step through it in debug, it looks okay.)

Do I have to convert the Graphic CCSID 13488 field to normal (us)
CCSID 37 character field, convert the case, then convert back to
Graphic CCSID 13488?


Dave Murvin
DRM Enterprises, Inc.

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