Sounds like an opportunity for a community-built open-source
replacement. I would think everything PDM does could be done with APIs.

Could even be better than PDM, with enhancements like Simon's REXX


Tommy.Holden@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
i've used PDM for an operations tool for years. it's also handy when
making "blanket" changes for user profiles, outqs, etc. kill SEU if you
need to but leave PDM alone!!! PLEASE!!!!

Tommy Holden

"Walden H. Leverich" <WaldenL@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
"Midrange Systems Technical Discussion" <midrange-l@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
03/11/2008 05:24 PM
Elimination of PDM/SEU in favor of WDSC/RDI

OK, something just hit me. We've all heard about that PDM/SEU is dead,
and we should all be using WDSC/RDI for development, and I applaud that
statement. Let's face it, as an editor seu, um, stinks! But I just sat
down to do something totally non-programmer like and it hit me, PDM
isn't only a programmer tool, it's an operations tool!

I wanted to see what save files I had in my library and I typed this at
the command line: wrkobjpdm waldenl *all *file objatr(savf)

Do others use PDM as an operations tool too? Is PDM dead like SEU or
will PDM stick around for a while. And under the new development tool
licensing, would PDM count as one of those "old" development tools?


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