From: Wayne McAlpine

Ah, Joe, you forget what it was like to be young and inquisitive and
eager to challenge conventional wisdom. Aaron reminds me of myself, and
probably yourself too, more years ago than either of us would like to
admit to.

Yeah, Wayne, but I challenged conventional wisdom by making things work when
they said it couldn't be done, not complaining about how something doesn't
do what I want it to do they I want it to do it.

Seriously, this whole discussion is messed up because all I said was that I
can use EGL to put a front end on RPG business logic. It's the best
framework for it. Aaron hasn't given an alternative. Instead, he:

1. Insists that certain niche technical features be in place.
2. Picks things he KNOWS JSF doesn't do well, and says they're required.
3. Quotes blogs to prove his point.
4. Doesn't acknowledge the concept of workarounds.

That's not programming. It's college term paper crap. Luckily I have a
family Thanksgiving to attend to. I got a bird to carve and a three year
old to deal with.


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