Why stop at M$.

There are many situations where pgms have been coded to work around stupid software that won't work and mgmt won't allocate funds to properly fix (the last 5% of the project).

We had one that ran every 60 seconds to see if eleven MQ jobs were up and running. If not the pgm restarted the offending queue. The vendor (name brand consultants) never was going to fix it and we got tired of having users (they were tired of it too) come over to IT several times a day to say they weren't getting order numbers back and could we restart the queue.


Larry Bolhuis wrote:

Well it certainly is easier for Rochester to change i5/OS than to change IE!! And yes, it probably IS easier to change i5/OS. You have no idea how many PTFs are created for i5/OS to handle things MS did wrong. I know of one we had created for the Apache server when running in Proxy mode that when the site it was accessing was on NT below service pack 6 the site would just toss out an extra EOD. Of course the proxy would stop at that point even though NT kept sending more data. IBM had to code to read past the EOD in that specific case. In another MS tossed patches into W2K and XP that broke netserver access to QDLS. Again Rochester had to code PTFs for several OS releases to fix what MS broke. The problem is that WE can't get all those MS people to change and some couldn't if they wanted to. (Do what, call the NT guy and say, 'Um, you need to go to SP6 because your server is tossing an out of sequence EOD. Could you put the fixes on for us please?" Never, ever, happen! ) So we fix our server to hide/mask/deal with their misteaks.

- Larry

Bryan Dietz wrote:
Not really wanting to start anything big, but I was reading the latest PTF Cover letters(Yes, I need to get out more).

I ran across this one.


It just strikes me as funny, that for all these years it has not been a problem and then poof MS does something(strange/wierd) and the System i has to conform. Why not have IE make a change and make it an option in properties page.
Are we saying it is easier to change i5/OS than it is to change IE??

I am not saying that for all these years the System i has been handling the ftp session wrong, but with all the other FTP clients connecting for these many years and this has never been an issue.

whew! that's a load off my mind...


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