I once chopped an Access / VB application down from 4 hours to < 5 minutes by moving the entire thing to the iSeries. The Access app was merely sucking in all of the master files from the iSeries, doing its thing and, then, pushing the finished result back to the iSeries.

But it wasn't doing any printing, just building a price list. We still use Access and Excel for the executive reports instead of the iSeries; the execs love all of the coloring and fancy fonts, but won't let me buy the AFP product or link the iSeries to the color printer.

The only thing that comes to mind, perhaps, is pulling all of the data you need from the iSeries in one pass (maybe additional tables) rather than making multiple round trips. ODBC just seems to be slow based upon our experience, so the fewer trips the better probably.

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tim wrote:
I am using MSAccess to print some reports. The number of reports is based on
how many records are in the access table. For each access table record I
need to get information from an iseries DB. I am using ODBC and SQL but
seems to be a bit slow. Is there a faster way of performing this function.
Basically I want to chain to the iseries for each record read.


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