I do the print screen method too but it's not elegant enough for upper 
Thank you for your input though, now I won't waste my time looking for 
something that doesn't exist!

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I've been trying to get a print of the graph. I've found two alternatives, 
neither completely satisfactory. Quickest way is to display the graph full 
screen. Press [Print Screen], this copies the screen to windows clipboard. 
Open Wordpad (or your favorite editor) and paste the graph. In my 
configuration, this cuts off the right edge of the graph.

I've also tried choosing File-Export, and then reading the output file in 
Excel. I still haven't been able to come up with a satisfactory graph yet.


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iSeries Navigator monitor graphs

Anyone exporting the monitor graphs from iNav to a PC?  The graphs are so 
impressive, I'd like to print a few (such as CPU utilization over the last 
four months on different partitions).


Bryan Burns
IBM Certified Specialist - iSeries System Command Operations V5R2 
M.I.S. Department
ECHO, Incorporated

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