An easy way to config a line is:

GO CFGPCS (Config PC Conn.)
Select Option 3 (Ethernet). This will create your controller and *LIND objects.

Select Option 1 (add Interface) - Add your new line
Select Option 9 (Start)

Hope this helps,

Luis Rodriguez

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Subject: net work configuration problem V4R5MO

Hi List

I am having trouble configuring a network interface on V4R5MO, can any one

This is the sequence of events I have followed so far:-

*fresh install V4R5MO

*CRTLINETH *(on top of defaults)
    Line descriptor ETHLINE
    Resource name CMN04
    Enable for TCP/IP *yes
    Autocreate controller *yes

I try to start (change status) and I have error:-

'Line ETHLINE vary on failed'

The resource looks okay as this command shows:-

    CMD04 type 2838 Operational Ethernet Port

Then I use CFGTCP add an interface with our network settings then try to
start, it fails to start. I have not got round to adding default route or
starting the TCP subsystem yet (STRTCP) until this is fixed.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Damian Brasher RHCE

Luis Rodriguez

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