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Christopher Bipes wrote:-

 First off make sure you have a live ethernet connection to the 2838
card.  Until you get that varied on, you will get no where.

Are there some hardware tests or line test AS/400 commands to verify the
card ethernet link or hardware controller functionality?

Damian B

first thing:what kind of system is this ? Which slot is the card sitting, what is placed in the other slots ?
second: you were talking about an IPCS card, right ?
You are not trying to take an IPCS-controlled card as a normal interface card for OS/400 ???
If so, you need sspecial steps to make this card work for OS/400 ...
If not, you need to pull out the IPCS card and maybe put the 2838 card into a different slot or you
even need to put in a so called IOP to make that card work.
This depends on the kind of model and bus layout you have.

Regards from Germany,

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