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You are right in stating that it is better to use the views 
(either IBM's or defined by you). 

AFAIK, the reason IBM tells you not to use the files 
directly is not because of performance. If that would be 
the case, the views would be off-limits too. 

As I remember, the main reasons giving for not using these 
files directly are: 

1) The files are restricted (security privileges) for use 
of the Security Officer only. The views don't have this 
2) The format of the files can (and do) change with each 
release and/or DB2 update, so it is better to have a view 
with a format that you know. 

My problem is that I am the Sec officer for our 520, so I 
tend to overlook this kind of things :-) 


Luis Rodriguez 

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Well, first, because IBM says not to. They say to go 
through the views in QSYS2. The QADB* files are used by 
the system so much, I guess. And maybe it is OK to make 
other views over these files. So if there are other ways 
to get the same info, I go the other way. 


Luis Rodriguez 

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