A follow up in case anyone in interested.

The problem was that the overlay image being sent to the 4400 was 600 pel and 
teh printer only supports 300 pel, so it was taking almost a minute to convert 
the image back to 300 pel.  Using a 300 pel overlay has the printing time down 
to seconds per label.

Neil Palmer, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
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Subject: SLOW printing on IBM 4400 IPDS Label Printer

Have a customer with an IBM 4400-006 Thermal Label printer.
LAN connected, configured as IPDS printer.
They finally sorted their issues with the gap width spacing between labels, but 
they can not seem to get any more than 3 labels printing per minute.
The printer has a configuration setting Media Handling=Tear-off Strip yet the 
printer seems to position itself to the tear strip after EVERY label (something 
that the setting Media Handlling=Tear Off is supposed to do, not when you have 
it set to Tear-off Strip which is supposed to print a set of labels (the whole 
spool file presumably) then position to the tear-off bar when the printer 
buffer is empty).

Anyone have any idea how to speed these things up?

Neil Palmer, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

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