I think Jerry is trying to do the same thing I wanted to do but could
not get it to work either. I needed to do an sFTP file transfer in
unattended mode in the middle of the night and the company who I was
sending data to used only sFTP but only with userid and passwords, not
public keys. I needed to send the userid and password to the remote
server just like I do FTP from the iSeries, using a script file. I ended
up getting WsFTP from Ipswitch which has an sFTP implementation that let
me define the userid and password in the a script. The PC it runs on has
a drive map to the IFS and at 2:00 am kicks off an SFTP logon to the
remote server, sends a userid and password, copys a file from the remote
server to the IFS and then copys a file from the IFS to the remote
server and disconnects.

shalom@xxxxxxxxxx 11/16/2006 3:42:16 PM >>>
Hey Jerry,
Almost all ssh clients supports user/password only in attended jobs.
If you try to create a client ssh session from iseries to a ssh server,
if you do not provide a key, then you will be prompted for a password.
The same happends when you connect to an iseries ssh server.
So, what exactly did you try to do and failed?

Shalom Carmel

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date: Thu, 16 Nov 2006 09:12:02 -0800
from: Jerry Draper <midrangel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
subject: sFTP question

I have installed the sFTP LIC provided by IBM:

5722SS1, option 33 - OS/400 - Portable App Solutions Environment
5733SC1 option 1 - OpenSSH, OpenSSL, zlib

I have reviewed posts from midrange-l and the redbook.

Help me out here.

It appears that this implementation of SSH does not support passing
userid and password and only supports the public/private key


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