Dear Marvin,
  If you want to print more than 255 columns on a line, you typically need to 
specify a font in your printer file rather than a characters per inch (CPI) 
value. The reason is that the data stream resident printer control command for 
maximum print position, when specifying CPI in a printer file, uses a one byte 
hex counter so the maximum number of characters per line it can support is 255.
  Specifying a CPI will typically cause OS/400 or i5/OS to assume a maximum 
printer dependent carriage width of 13.2 inches. This translates to the 
following MPP values for certain CPI choices:
  10 CPI - up to 132 characters per line
  12 CPI - up to 158 characters per line
  15 CPI - up to 198 characters per line
  16.7 CPI - up to 220 characters per line
  17 CPI - up to 224 characters per line
  20 CPI - up to the maximum 255 characters per line
  When you use the DDS FONT keyword or FONT parameter of a printer file, the 
data stream sent to the printer changes so that a page size control is sent 
instead of a maximum characters per line control. With page size, the system 
will allow you to place more than 255 characters on a line so long as the line 
does not exend beyond the active page size defined for the job.
  In your case, you could customize a font entry in a WSCST to space at about 
23 CPI to keep all 240 columns within the 10.5 inches of printable area when 
utilizing a Letter sized piece of paper in landscape orientation.
  Best Regards,
  Marvin Radding wrote:
I hope someone can solve this for me.

I have a query that produces a report with 240 columns. The problem 
is that it only prints the first 198 columns. Is there something on the 
AS/400 that prevents it from printing more than 198? Even though the 
query allows for 378 columns?


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