That's why they are there.  In most cases it won't matter if you do the
cume or groups first, in some it will.  If getting it right on the first
try is important to you, RTFM.

After an upgrade it's USUALLY cume first then groups.  But sometimes
there are special prereqs.  If your'e missing those you will probably
end up doing the cume twice.  In a non-upgrade situation doing the
groups first MIGHT save you two minutes of your time.  Or it might cost
you a couple of months while you figure out how to remove the defective
HIPER LIC PTF that automatically permanantly applied itself.

Forgive me for making the assumtion that if someone didn't read the
instructions for the cume that they probably didn't check the defective
PTF list either.


Current group and cumulative PTF documentation is always here:

Scott Ingvaldson
iSeries System Administrator
GuideOne Insurance Group

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subject: RE: PTF's

Hmm... I've always done cume then groups, since the cume should have
older, more hardened PTFs and the HIPERs will supersede some of the
stuff on the cume.  There's only been one time where I've blown-up the
OS with spinning 10+ CDs at once, and it was a looong time ago on V5R1,
but IBM at that time told me cume then groups.

Do you do groups or cumes first after an OS upgrade?  Cume.  Right.  So
how is normal maintenance any different? 

Justin C. Haase - iSeries System Engineer
IBM Certified Systems Expert - System i
Kingland Systems Corporation

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Groups then Cume should be fine.  And if that's what the directions say,
then I'd definitely go that route.  

Load the Groups, load the Cume, and IPL when you can.  Expect the IPL to
take longer than normal (maybe an extra 20-45 minutes) to allow time for
the PTF application.

John A. Jones, CISSP
Americas Information Security Officer
Jones Lang LaSalle, Inc.
V: +1-630-455-2787 F: +1-312-601-1782

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Subject: PTF's

Ok. I asked the other about orderings PTF's and John and Vern gave me
some good info. I received 3 CD's FOR SF99502 and SF99519 which I
believe are the group  and Hiper PTF's and I recv'd 4 CD's for the Cume
PTF's for CF99520.
Do I have to load all of these or can I just load the CUME PTF's. How
dangerous is it to load all of these at once. Do I load the group and
Hiper first, then load the Cume PTF's? This is my first big attempt at
this so excuse if I sound vague. I have read the instructions and they
are telling me to do the group first then the Cume.. We are at 5.2 


John A Candidi

Rutgers Insurance Companies

IT Director - Iseries Manager

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