What I did take a PC that was out of circulation (nothing wrong with it,
just not powerful enough for regular users), modem, PC Anywhere and set it
up as the console. I dial into that and can run stuff and if the PSTN drops,
no big deal, just reconnect and the "console" is still up.


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   Similar type of risk exists with
     * Any remote location over a ma bell that is somewhat unreliable ...
       T1 line tends to go down if there is heavy rain storm anywhere along
       its route.  It is bad enough when it hits in middle of some
       application update.  This is one of the reasons why I encourage heavy
       reliance on JOBQ.  The connection may be lost, but the task is still
     * Power outage that lasts longer than the UPS Battery (ours good for
       hour), that happens when some critical task is running that might
       longer than that.
   Seems to me, my VPN connection tends to "time out" if there is no
   communication between me and the 400 for more than a few minutes.


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