Hey Mike,

I have had very - very - few applications where I have had to allow, or
specifically program for a negative number to be keyed.  When it has, we
have treated it as a user training issue, to make sure they know about the
field plus and minus keys, and how they effect the numbers being keyed.

So the short answer to your question is, no - we have not programmed for
it.  I imagine you would look at the left most digit in the field when it is
passed back to the program, and if it is a negative sign, deal with it then.
That is providing the minus sign is passed to the program along with the
number.  That I have not tested.  It might just get stripped out.


On 11/3/06, Mike Cunningham <MCUNNING@xxxxxxx> wrote:

We have a few apps where users need to enter a negative sign along with
the amount. To a person, just about everyone who does this tries to
enter -1 and the value is received as a positive number. 1- works OK as
does using the field - but no one understands field+, field- or field
exit keys anymore (Except those still around from the old 5250 terminal
days). Has anyone figured out how to let a user enter a -1 and make it
work? (other than making the field on the display a character field and
then doing all kinds of scans and edits to make sure it's numeric)

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