Next problem. We are on native 400 & boss not want to buy any product to make task of 400 to XL go smoother.

IBM standard for minus values is X,XXX.XX- with a hard minus at the end.
XL does not recognize this as a number ... it needs to be converted to -XXX.XX with the minus floating immediately in front of the digits, no matter how many digits. -X.XX -XX,XXX.XX etc.

I want to do that on reports from both Query/400 and RPG, whether to output specifications or through a DDS PRTF, so it is XL-compatible, to reduce the conversion hassle. Is that doable, how?

Oh Man, so obvious, yet I was oblivious to this.
Thankyou Thankyou ... I have more of this coming up with end fiscal month this weekend.

Well that did not work out ... I ended up sorting one column so that it was no longer in sync with rest of the report. I am an XL neophyte.

Copy the file from ops navigator onto your PC, My documents for ease of use, then import it into word or excel, in excel you can sort the report by one of the columns which will leave all of the headers together and then you can remove all of the headers bar one.


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Check the archives for past threads of relevance, such as low cost shareware.

What I do is OPS NAV spool file to text folder, then use Excel Wizard to import the text file. My problem is my bosses do not want the headers repeating, so I have to manually remove them, which can be a pain for a huge report.

I also use Cut / Paste (see CA Edit with append option) from View a report from spool, to e-mail in which I put the paste in quote's to make it easier to use a proportional font just on the pasted, and sometimes smaller to eliminate wrap-around.

When I send people the raw text file, I advise them to use Landscape on PC printer.

>Does anyone know how to cut and paste a report from the iSeries to Word
>or Excel and retain the columns???

This thread ...


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