I have an application that is monitoring the QSYSOPR message queue
looking for any messages with a severity of 70 or higher.  Every once in
a while, like once a week or so, I get a CPF2410 on this job.  The
details of the error read:

                         Additional Message Information

 Message ID . . . . . . :   CPA0702
 Date sent  . . . . . . :   11/03/06      Time sent  . . . . . . :

 Message . . . . :   CPF2410 received by procedure WEBMSGMONC. (C D I R)

 Cause . . . . . :   ILE Control language (CL) procedure WEBMSGMONC in
   WEBMSGMONC in program WEBMSGMONC in library WEBREPORT detected an
error at
   statement number 0000015700.  Message text for CPF2410 is: Message
key not
   found in message queue QSYSOPR.  Use F10 (if available) or the
Display Job
   Log (DSPJOBLOG) command to see the messages in the job log for a more

   complete description of what caused the error.  If you still are
unable to
   solve the problem, please contact your technical support person.
 Recovery  . . . :   This inquiry message can be avoided by changing the

   procedure. Monitor for the error (MONMSG command) and perform error
   within the procedure.  To continue, choose a reply value.

When I check the QSYSOPR message queue, the last message in the queue is
time stamped one hour and twenty minutes before this error happened.
So, I have no idea where the message is that the message key was invalid

I'm open to suggestions.  Could this be some sort of a timeout issue?

Rich Loeber
Kisco Information Systems

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