On 02/11/2006, at 7:05 AM, Gary Segal wrote:

   still need some more help. I am almost there. I am able to print to
   Receipt printer from AS400, but  still can not open cash drawer.

   I have spoke to Wasp(Cash drawer manufacturer). They told me:
"ESC P should open the cash drawer. In hexadecimal this is 1B70 and in
   decimal it is 27112"

   I tried to put in spool file as hex. No luck

With ASCII Transparency?

Also spoke to IBM(Client Access support team). They said that there in no way to trigger "ESC P" in Client access accept by putting it in WSCST(Work Station Customizing Object), but they no longer support it therefore they
   can not let me know how to do it.

Does anyone has any knowledge what syntaxes do I have to put in my WSCST
   object and where? Text file is pretty big. Please see attached.

It seems to me IBM support have given you an acceptable pointer to the solution. The caveat is that I've never tried this particular support using a WSCST however ...

A look through the WSCST source you sent shows two interesting tags :INITPRT and :RESETPRT

A cursory glance through the WSCST Programming Reference says:

"The INITPRT (initialize printer) tag defines the ASCII control sequence for the initialize printer function for an ASCII printer. The host print transform function uses the INITPRT tag at the beginning of each print job."


"The RESETPRT (reset printer) tag defines the ASCII control sequence for the reset printer function for an ASCII printer. The RESETPRT tag is used by the host print transform at the end of each print job."

Because printing a receipt is a "print job" (presuming each receipt is a separate spooled file) it would seem reasonable that you could modify either of these tags to include the ESC P incantation. Your only decision is whether to open the drawer before printing the receipt (i.e. :INITPRT) or after (:RESETPRT).

The current data for these tags already includes the Escape character. I'm fairly sure that Escape codes can be strung together so you only need to add the 70 to the end of the current data. Easy enough to try it both with and without the second 1B and see what happens.

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