Do you have STRSQL?  If so, the only issue you might have is the dot 
versus the slash (V40BPCSF.ITHL15) or (V40BPCSF/ITHL15).  You can change 
this in STRSQL, F13=Services, 1. Change session attributes, Naming 
convention (read the help on that field).
If no STRSQL, you can test this by using iNav.  Drill down into Databases, 
system name, Schemas.  Once you open up schemas, you can select "Run an 
SQL script" from the window at the bottom.
Wait.  I just tried that for you.  You are using variables.  That's a 
little trickier to test in STRSQL or iNav.  You'll have to put values in 
there for testing.  Or you can whip up a little imbedded sql rpgle program 
(providing you have CRTSQLRPGI).  In imbedded sql you have to replace the 
& with a colon.  And, since you'll be retrieving multiple rows, use a 
cursor.  Need some samples?

Rob Berendt

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