Thanks, Elvis, but FTP does not even start the script with the error I am

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Subject: Batch FTP Fails, Interactive works - what to change?

Greetings all,

I am new to FTP, and I am tying to set up a batch FTP using a script file.
When I run interactive - the FTP works fine.  I am not prompted for
anything, it just starts loading the files from the remote system to my
directory,   When I submit to batch I get a message that "Program contains
commands only valid when run interactively."

Here are the entries from my script file;

user  userid password
namefmt 1
lcd /ptfcatalog
cd /ibmpath/to/ptf/images/c
get ftpSF99539.txt
get ilstSF99539.txt
get SF99539_1.bin
get SF99539_2.bin
get SF99539_3.bin
get SF99539_4.bin
get SF99539_5.bin
get SF99539_6.bin

I have tried with and with out a blank line to start, and both fail on
batch.  I look in the log file, and there are no entries.

Anyone run into this before and/or can help me?

Jim Essinger

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