> >  ... I posted on this forum some years ago that if it ever 
> came down 
> > to me having to work in IT on something other than an 
> iSeries, I would 
> > find another line of work.  That view has not changed.  And 
> that's why 
> > I react whenever there's a change.
> This is in my view a dangerous outlook; our job is really to 
> server the business by keeping systems running and solving 
> problems.  Sooner or later, something better is going to come 
> along, whether by evolution or by replacement.

First off, replacement will never happen under the present senior
management, of which I am part.  I've been a VP for 25 years now.  When the
CEO is gone (like next week) I cover 80% of his desk.  What I ask for,
hardware/software wise, I get.  But I've earned it by my track record.  It's
safe to say replacement is not going to happen.  OTOH, any company can be
bought out.

Evolution is another matter.  I'm very interested in Websmart.  The support
costs annually for Websmart/Nexus/etc from BCD would run into the thousands
of dollars.  It was only a couple of weeks ago that the CEO mentioned in
passing that I have everything so efficient for all the employees, that he
doesn't know what I could do to make it any better.  (yea, he lokes me <g>).
So there lies my challenge.  Where's the ROI on all this expenditure?  How
do I sell that?  I haven't figured that out yet.

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