Thank you Steve!  DSPPGM shows it when we page down to the end.  Yes, the
default used to be *CLRPASA for us but now it is *NOCLRPASA after
compilation due to an environment change.  My tests have proven this to be
a recent environment change specific to us.  I am working with IBM on this,
but fortunately I don't think this will affect anyone else.  I will
remember that workaround for the worst case scenario where IBM decides to
do nothing and we need to force it to *CLRPASA.


** Steve wrote:
On 1/16/06, craigs@xxxxxxxxx <craigs@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I have some CLP objects from BPCS as unmodified showing *CLRPASA under
> program performance information on the DSPPGM.  I think this is causing
> MCH3602 (pointer type not valid for requestion operation) when going
> between databases and using TFRCTL.  Debug shows the MCH3602 is generated
> on the TFRCTL.  The object performance information values are
> (*NOOPTIMIZE), Paging pool (*USER), Update PASA (*NOUPDPASA), Clear PASA
> (*CLRPASA), Paging amount (*BLOCK).

how do you display that information?  DSPPGM does not do it for me.

>  We had modified this CLP and created
> with CRTCLPGM placing higher in library list.  CRTCLPGM creates the
> with identical values of unmodified object except having Clear PASA
> I tried CHGPGM and I didn't see anything there.  The only thing close I
> found that deals with clearing PASA is an API called QPRCRTPGM but this
> for MI.  I cannot be sure that the unmodified BPCS source was not
> to MI before compiling as the source modification date is older than the
> source I now see.
> The only thing we modified was adding another call or two which aren't
> actually hit for the error.  I found the only difference was the
> Putting original object higher in the list, it is fine.  Putting the
> modified object higher in list causes the MCH3602.
> Any ideas how to create a CL program with *CLRPASA?


do you mean create the program with *NOCLRPASA?  I assume the default

the only way I know to control which setting is used is to compile the
CL program with GENOPT(*LIST).

Read the MI/IRP code from the spooled file listing.  Take that IRP
code, load it into an 80 char wide array, then call the QPRCRTPG api
with the array of IRP code as one of the parms and the create options
*NOCLRPASA as another.  The result should be your CL program with the
*NOCLRPASA run time option.


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