You are correct.

"RISC-to-RISC" is the term IBM uses for a side by side upgrade, where you have 
the new server sitting next to the old server.  There used to be a book, 
"iSeries 940x RISC-to-RISC Road Map, SA41-5155" but now the information is 
located in everybody's favorite place, the Infocenter underneath "Migration".  
Try this link:

In addition, as Jim mentions the recommendation in both the old book and the 
infocenter is to upgrade your old server to the release you new server is on.  

Charles Wilt

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Several people do successfully save items off a V5R1 machine on to a V5R3 
machine.  With the claim that it saved them downtime because they didn't have 
to take the time to upgrade the V5R1 machine to V5R3.  I'd argue that I've seen 
TOO many problems with this technique.  LPP's messed up, IFS objects messed up, 
user profiles, authorization lists, object authorities, directory entries, 
system values, etc, that I would not recommend this method.  I'd argue that it 
will actually increase your downtime fixing all the mistakes.

Judging by the earlier response, perhaps that is what is meant by a 
RISC-to-RISC upgrade.  And I wonder if that recommends upgrading the OS first.

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Re: upgrading from 720 to i520

In the question, the i520 is already at V5R3. So the first part of  D 
would be right? am I right?
When you add the second part ("Upgrade 520 to OS/400 V5R3"), it makes it 

So what would we be missing to save objects on the 720 at V5R1 and 
restoring only what is needed to a brand new i520 running V5R3.


Pete Massiello wrote:

>B is the correct answer.
>Remember that some of the answers are close, and there are some
>distractors in the questions to make them false.  If you look at D for
>instance, its almost right, but if you tried to reload V5R1 on a 520 it
>wouldn't work as it needs as a min V5R3.
>I helped write the V5R3 Multiple Systems Admin test this summer, along
>with a few other Midrange-l people and you really need to read the
>questions carefully.  If you have experience using what the test is
>certifying you for, then if you really read the questions you have a good
>chance of passing.  The questions are not meant to fool you, just to
>insure you have a good level of understanding on the subject.
>Pete Massiello
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>Subject: upgrading from 720 to i520
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>>Hello All:
>>I'm currently taking 000-8666 certification and would be grateful if
>>someone can assist me on this question:
>>A customer has a model 720 model running os/400 V5R1. They need to 
>>to an eServer i5 520 running v5r3. What is he recommended procedure to
>>complete the upgrade?
>>A) Perform the RISC to RISC migration from model 720 to the 520
>>B) Upgrade model 720 to v5r3. Unload Model 720 and reload to 520
>>C) Upgrade model 720 to v5r3. Otder and install a model upgrade to the 
>>D) Unload model 720 and reload on the 520. Upgrade 520 to OS/400 V5r3.
>>i've choosen B. and btw what does RISC to RISC migration means? I 
>>find much info from google.
>>Thanks in advance!
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