When doing a WRKLNK option 2 for edit, it gives an option 9 for "recursive
delete. "
Is this option only available via this command, or is there an API or
command that will do the same.

It's only available in that command, but it's easy to delete recursively using QShell.

strqsh cmd('rm -rf /path/to/mydir')

Replace "/path/to/mydir" with the name of the directory that you'd like to delete. It'll delete that directory and everything in it. When it's done, it'll send you a nice hot chocolate chip cookie (okay, it won't really do that.)

Other people have suggested using rm -rf *.* or rm -rf *
The first one is wrong. *.* will skip any directories or files in the current directory that don't have a period in them. I don't know why you'd ever want to do that. The second one is okay, as long as there are only a small number of files in the directory. If there are a lot of them (in the current directory -- not subdirectories) the command line will overflow.

Just specify the directory name that you want to delete. That way, you don't need to use CD, and you don't need to worry abotu command line overflow.

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