I use crystal/ASP combination. Do not use crystal's web interface, created 
custom interface with asp and avoided crystal's expensive license fee.

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> Don't see any reason to generate reports on the AS/400 anymore. 
> Reporting should just be through Crystal Enterprise. 

I hate to disagree with someone who just sent some wonderful code for
triggers (many thanks, btw), but I guess I still will argue the point.  If I
can get all the functions provided by Crystal in an AS/400 based-package,
why should I move off?

I can create one Sequel view and access it from a CL program, from a green
screen interface or from a PC client.  All three will give me the same
results.  All three approaches give me the ability to move the output to a
text report, an Excel spreadsheet, or a database file.  

For what it's worth, I had Crystal Reports.  I got tired of licensing issues
and moved everything onto Sequel.  Now that it supports non-DB2 databases,
there's no way I'm going back.

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