Agreed.  I've been here for over 6 years.  During that time we've run
the various OS/400 releases from V4R1 to V5R3 (except V5R2; never got
around to it) and have moved from a 620 to an i5 570.  During that time,
our version of JDE has stayed the same.  The CUM level within JDE has
gone up, but the actual app has not been rewritten, replaced, or
'converted' since it went live.  In terms of OS support, there have been
a few SARs from JDE along the way that were needed to ensure
compatability with new OS releases, but no code re-writes, no
re-installs, no conversions to new paradigms, etc.

The business, _our_ business, sees no value in re-writing or replacing
the application.  Not so far and not in the foreseeable future.  The app
has plenty of functionality and what it lacks our developers add.  We've
existing, working, interfaces to outside systems running on other
platforms.  New interfaces are easily added based on our experience with
the code.

In short, we have a functional & solid core application that we easily
extend as needed.  Why would we spend to re-architect when there's no
benefit?  What's the ROI?  (BTW, I'll note that this same thought
process has kept us on JDE World; there has not been sufficient
justification to jump to OneWorld/EnterpriseOne)

To use the ever popular car analogy, why would we install a rebuilt
engine when the current one is still running?

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