Thanks to all.  I'm aware of most of the 3rd party products, but since
I'm not in that decision, it doesn't really matter.

I was hoping to understand for myself really, what a browser based app
can't do right, whereas a thick client, like Visual Basic, or Visual
Lansa, can do it right.

I know that Joe Pluta's product would convert everything on the fly,
and they would be done, but that doesn't make them .NET.  I wonder why
they chose the browser instead of C++ (whatever).  I heard something
they said about the browser making deployment of apps much easier, but
done right, deployment is easy enough.

I like the security point.  Their network was down like 2 weeks
because of Code Red.  Of course, all the TELNET to As/400 apps worked

And as I said before, as far as keeping a customer, I don't worry much
about losing them.  This project is so bad, I'll be around forever
maintaining and sweetening their existitng software.

Reeve had said previously that you get what you spec when you
offshore.  I think they let the liason spec it out, and he has no
experience whatsoever in their line of business.  Another smart

When I talk with my partners about this, none of it makes sense. 
These people own this family business, it's very profitable, growing
by leaps and bounds, they are obviously not stupid business people. 
But when it comes to their IT, they lose their minds and make the
wrong decisions.

The managers that have used the product have all said it sucks, the
real "end" users are just low level people that come and go.

BTW John, I like the line in Pirates of the Carribbean, when they
asked what's the reason Johnny Depp's pirate character behaves so
strangely,  "Reason ain't got nothin to do with it"


Thanks, Art

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