> Rob Berendt wrote:
> Subject: References of those that have looked at
> PowerTech versus NetIQ(formerly known as Pentasafe)
> Anyone care to comment on what they found in comparing between the two?
> Anyone make the switch from one to the other?

Rob -

My client switched from Pentasafe to PowerLock last year.  I spoke with the
my client's system administrator about this, and he gave the following
reasons for switching from Pentasafe to PowerLock:

1)  PowerLock is more intuitive to use - you don't have to get out the
manual every time you want to do something.

2)  PowerLock allows more granular security control

3)  PowerLock's "capture mode" will allow you to authorize a user to perform
an action that previously failed.  In this way, if you're not sure what to
authorize, just tell the user to try the action that they need to perform,
then _you_ go into PowerLock and tell it to authorize this action for this
user by looking for the failed action the failure log (saves looking up
stuff in the documentation!).

4)  PowerTech's technical support is far superior to what Pentasafe provided
(not sure about how the product is supported now by NetIQ).

Last, but not least:
Two respected members of this mailing list (Tom Liotta and John Earl) are
some of the brains behind PowerTech...

Steve Landess
Austin, Texas
(512) 423-0935

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