1. Interactive CPW mean processing power available for job communication
using 5250 (like interactive green screen). Batch job and client server
job are not consider interactive. This does not limit the number of
people that can sign in, only the total power available for them. The
actual number of people that can access the system depends a lot on the
kind of workload they generate. Somebody mentioned that programmer = 2
users, Well, in our case, it is the opposite. The difference come
probably from the fact that our programmers all compile in batch, thus
not consuming interactive CPW. If they were to compile interactively,
then it would consume CPW rapidely

2. We have one of those (a 270 dedicated tou our ebusiness
application). I can access the console, we even went as far as being 3
interactive user at the same time. As long as you only do sysadmin stuff
(sysval setup, user profil creation ...) you are fine since this require
little  power.

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>>> pete@xxxxxxxxxx 2004-10-06 22:13:47 >>>
I am not a sales guy but I get asked a lot of questions from my
about hardware configurations.  Most of them I can answer but lately it
gotten a bit more difficult to figure out what the right answer is. 
are two examples:

1.      What does the interactive CPW rating mean and what does it do to
number of people who can sign on? My answer:  "I don't know." I see
CPW ratings but I never get a "real world" sense of what they mean.  If
have a 520 express edition with 500 CPW and 30 interactive CPW, is
there a
limit to number of folks who can sign on?  Or, is it just that it gets
slow" to the point that you don't *want* to sign on?

2.      Is there an iSeries with NO interactive CPW?  My answer: I think
but what *IS* it then?  The iSeries is a killer server platform but it
defined by the 5250 interface (OK, so I am hopelessly out of date) so
NO interactive that means I can't sign on to a console?  I have no
line access?  I am forced, then, to use the Operations Obfuscator to
find my
way around?  Yikes!  A model 550 with no 5250 interface

So, if someone could give me the short course on the interactive
workload of
the i5, I would appreciate it

Pete Helgren
Value Added Software,Inc.
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