LOL, Wednesday, eh ? - thanks Larry...

This particular unit had 2 twin-ax cards in it so two virtual control unit
sessions and yes, using Anynet.

I'm POSITIVE everything is plugged into the UPS and that is what threw me on
this. One virtual control unit did how active the whole time (just under 30
minutes) but no devices active, obviously and the other dropped. So I
figured I should have been able to ping at list the active session but no go
- weird.

As far as the unit rebooting; as long as those things take, it came up way
to quick for that :-)

I was considering sticking a couple of terminals in the wiring closet,
connect to each "brick" so if it was dependent on a device, that would keep
everything active and guarantee that the control didn't fail... Terminals
are so cheap.

Thanks !


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  I haven't worked with Perle units in a while, well at least not since 

  The Perle itself will continue to communicate with the AS/400 as long 
as it can reach it. Even if no devices are on line it will maintain the 
APPC link (likely via ANYNET in your case) and the workstation 
controller should stay active.  It's likely that once the power came 
back on the Perle rebooted and came alive, or possibly an infrastructure 
device (aka switch or hub) was NOT up (maybe plugged into the wall?) and 
the link was broken.  Hubs/switches come up real fast so that could 
explain the quick return on power restoration.

   - Larry

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