That's WSU (Workstation Utility) and it started back
on the S/34 and continued through the S/36. It was no
longer supported after the S/36 and was was one of the
very few things that did not come across to the 400.

Lance Gillespie wrote:
OK, this is for people with /34 (and maybe /36) experience.

I was going through some old
sources that had been parked
in the 'not in use' folder when
I came across some sources
of a type I don't recognize.

They came across when we
did the /36 to /400 conversion
in 1988 and were desginated
UNS36 type by the conversion.

They sort of look like rpg, but
they have J,T,S, and D specs
in addition to C specs and the
C specs have a few extra
op codes like PUT and PUTS.

Can anyone ID the source type?

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