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All in all, I'm extremely surprised by Jon's suggestion that RPG-IV's
BLOCK(*YES) dates all the way back to V3R2. Was everyone sleeping at that

BLOCK( *YES | *NO ) is described in the VRM320 ILE RPG/400 Reference. Since it has change bars in this manual one can only presume it was provided in that release. The VRM320 Reference is identical to the VRM360 Reference so BLOCK would have been available on the first RISC release too. This is born out by the VRM370 Reference where the change bars have been removed from the BLOCK description.

As to sleeping ... well who can say ... but since most people don't appear to read documentation I'm not surprised by ignorance of keywords. Considering how long it took to get people to move to RPG IV perhaps we should just be grateful that the function is there for those who can use it?

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