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Re: Microsoft emal virus

> Adam wrote:

> You might want to tell them that the customer is also sending out emails
> claiming to be from microsoft and that you are going to have to report 
> ISP and client to Microsoft as well.
> In fact, sounds like a splendid idea...

I would start forwarding the virus-bearing emails to the abuse account at
both ISP's - yours and the offender's...send them to abuse@whateverdomain,
with a brief message indicating that you believe it contains a virus. They
need the headers to investigate, so send full headers...Hotmail has a
procedure for forwarding them that will show full headers, after you send
the first one to them they'll send you back an email with a procedure for
showing full headers.

After setting up around 30 filters on my paid Hotmail account, I have 
most of the virus-bearing emails and delete them immediately.  The ones 
aren't caught end up in a folder named viruses, where I can then review 
to see why my filters didn't catch them.

Once I revise my filter rules, I delete the virus-bearing email.  Not
perfect, but works for now, until I can get away from using Outlook 
to read my email.

It sucks that my McAfee virus-protection software (Home Edition, Version
7.03.6000) doesn't seem to work properly as far as screening the incoming
attachments.  I'm up-to-date on my DAT files (4.0.4294, Sept. 18).  I'm 
too worried about getting infected, since it will notify me if I try to 
or save an attachment containing a virus of which it is aware.  However, 
would be nice if it quarantined them as they came in.

I have called McAfee support on a couple of occasions trying to get 
but their free customer service also sucks...if you need any *real* 
solved, you have to have a paid support contract.

When the free updates expire, I'm going to switch to another package...any


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> Sent: Tuesday, September 23, 2003 8:28 PM
> Subject: RE: Microsoft emal virus
> > The fine folks at technical staff say it's not their fault 
> > their users send viruses, and they let anything through their servers 
> > long as it comes from a registered user.  But if we call and tell 
> > they'll "let the responsible party know".
> >
> > Not a particularly proactive response.
> >
> > Joe
> >
> >
> > > From: Joe Pluta
> > >
> > > Has anybody looked at the headers of the "MS bulletins" you've been
> > > receiving?  EVERY ONE of mine comes from the same mail server:
> > >
> > > Return-Path: <vinproduct@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> > > Received: from ( [])
> > >
> > > My guess is that if you block this address in your spam filters,
> > you'll
> > > get rid of the majority of this junk.
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