Understand what you are saying Dennis and hang in there it will probably go
up and depending on who it is, you might want to buy more now ;-)

But this was from a discussion with Ford executives on operating expenses,
etc. so I don't know... :-)


Dennis wrote:

One has to be careful of such statistics.

Last week, one of my stocks went down in price.  I had paid $12.50/share....
the price had gone up to $20/share over time... and now it's dropped to
something less than $18.  I could argue successfully that I'd lost $2 for
each share that I held when the price dropped.  But in truth, it's still a
gain of just under 50% of the investment.  So it's a matter of perspective,
isn't it?

Some companies budget for $X in sales.... and when they receive $Y in sales,
(where Y < X, ), they say the lost X-Y dollars.  It's all perspective.

If a company is billions in debt, however, that's a different matter
entirely.  Just ask the creditors; they'll tell you!  :)


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