Hi Everyone,

You can ignore this, I had a flash of inspiration on the bus this morning.
to add a directory entry for the netserver guest profile. I thought it
would be
something stupid like that I'd forgotten.



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date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 17:50:21 +1100
from: Adam_Driver@xxxxxxxxxx
subject: Netserver and QDLS

Hi Everyone,

I have a question relating to mapping to QDLS. We have users on a client
site with a mixture of Client Access versions, some Express, some as old as
V3R1. I personally have CAE V5R1, and I have two iSeries in the same data
centre (neither myself nor the client are physically in the same building
as the iSeries), both on V5R1 and exactly the same cume. Both machines are
dual NIC'd onto both our network and the client's, and apart from that we
have no connection to clients network and vice versa.

I have netserver shares setup on both machines to QDLS (and other
directories in the IFS). Both are set to use NETSVRSH as a guest profile,
and the authorites on the QDLS directory on both systems are *PUBLIC *RWX
(dtaaut) and *ALL (objaut). The NETSVRSH profile is exactly the same on
both systems (normal *USER class, no group profile, no special authorities,
both are LMTCPB *YES). I have *ALLOBJ authority profiles on both systems,
but in both cases the drive mappings us the NETSVRSH guest profile, not my
own (My Windows network login is completely different to the profiles on
these customer machines).

The problem : On one machine I can map a drive to \\sysname\QDLS and browse
to my hearts content. I can't see all folders, but I can see the ones the
NETSVRSH profile is authorised to via *PUBLIC (some are *PUBLIC *EXCLUDE).
On the other machine, I can map a drive with no problem, but if I try to
browse I get permission denied. I can map to and browse directories other
than QDLS on this system.

Users in the client space are experiencing exactly the same thing coming in
from a completely different network, and it seems to be independent of
Client Access version. Certainly the user I was just speaking to has CAE
V4R4 and has the same problems as me. I was speaking also to another user
still with CA V3R1 (yes I know, we keep telling them they need to upgrade,
but I digress) and he believes it works but hasn't tried in a while. He was
supposed to get back to me to confirm that but I don't think he will today.

So essentially, I have two netserver shares set up to QDLS on two systems
that are sitting side by side in the same data centre. In can map and
browse to one, the other I can map to but not browse. As far as I can tell
all relevant settings are exactly the same on both systems.

Can anyone suggest something I may have overlooked?

Thanks in advance

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