>Here's the log of an FTP session:
>"> get lastTransfer.txt WEBINQ1 (REPLACE
>227 Entering Passive Mode (216,114,155,110,11,198)
>150 Opening connection (1244222 bytes)
>226 Transfer complete
>1246003 bytes transferred in 56.050 seconds. Transfer rate 22.230
> KB/sec."
>I am expecting this command to replace the data in the physical file
>but it appears to be appending records. Any idea what I am missing?


I don't think you're missing anything.  Without the (Replace parameter,
the GET command should go into error, not append records.  Can you
examine the contents of your target file.  It is likely that the source
file is getting larger as time goes on.  It should not be appending -
GET doesn't append.

Andy Nolen-Parkhouse

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