They're not more reliable, because they're the same drives sold for the
xSeries; namely, the IBM Ultrastar's. This controversy pops up every few
months, so the archives should be full of the detailed explanations. In
particular, you may want to search for "David Breisacher". He's with BCC,
and I recall him giving a pretty good explanation of the specific hardware
being used.


John Taylor

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> So, what makes them so much more expensive then? There's a factor of 10
> compared to the price of PC drives. I know they're more reliable, but is
> that the only advantage? From the iSeries Storage homepage, "These drives
> are industrial strength drives which have unique iSeries and AS/400
> performance/reliability functions. These drives are supported by iSeries
> AS/400 disk controllers and I/O processors within the iSeries or AS/400
> which provide additional performance and reliability benefits." I also
> understand that they have an "advanced problem reporting feature."
> Oh, and we all remember the drive fiasco from last Summer/Fall... How many
> of you guys got bad disk units?
> Chris

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