Been meaning to thank you for this info...

"Funny" story:  Went over to unhook the F70 yesterday.  Met the VP-IT, who
was almost as stunned, as I was, to learn that the skeleton warehouse crew
had thrown the two "little" computers in the dumpster.. the day before...

I guess it's natural (for them) to assume the big hulking computer was the
one that had the most value...  They just knew they had a 300,000 sq ft
warehouse to get clean as a whistle, by today...

You think:  manana.. manana...  Sometimes makes you think: a day late, a
couple dollars short...

('Course, I told 'em to do the same with the F70...)


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| They "might" either be impossible or very difficult, since the F70
| was NOT able to run V4 and then there is the pesky software tiers
| to deal with....
| The 9402-400 is the very best solution of the four choices....


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