>>1) Do the QZRCSRVS jobs serve any useful purpose after Client Access has
authenticated and signed the user on.<<
>>2) Has anyone devised an efficient method of flushing old versions of
these jobs out of the system.<<

I did not know anything specific about these jobs so I sent your note to
one of my co-workers. Here is Dawn's answer:

The QZRCSRVS is the remote command server job.  These jobs are prestart
jobs.  They run in QCMN only when running over APPC.  They run in QSYSWRK
(pre-V4R4) or QUSRWRK (V4R4 and later) when running over TCP/IP.

I don't know how client access uses these jobs.  I do know they are very
important jobs for OpNav - OpNav runs the CL and APIs it calls primarily
via the remote command server.  The number of jobs in use will depend upon
the number of clients and what the clients are doing.  If there are over
1000 jobs, then either there are a lot of clients, each client is needing
support of several jobs, or the jobs aren't getting cleaned up like they
should when they are no longer needed (prestart job entries have been

The note you forwarded mentions the central server and the signon server
jobs - there are specific jobs for signon processing; the remote command
server is not used for signon and authentication.

The observation about how ending the remote command server jobs doesn't
appear to have a negative affect  - that could be true because often times
the remote command server handles the work request and waits for the next
request from the client.  So it appears as if the job is sitting there
waiting (while they are waiting for more work from the client the job is in
a TIMW status).  Ending the job appears to have no affect since the job was
waiting for more work.  It simply results in a new one getting the work
when the client sends in the next request.

The key to managing these jobs is in the prestart job entries.

The prestart job entry can be found in the subsystem description under the
program name QZRCSRVS.

The significant prestart job entries are INLJOBS, ADLJOBS, THRESHOLD,

The MAXUSE parameter for the remote command server should always be set to

Since these are prestart jobs, the system should manage them and end
unnecessary (unused) jobs.

Ed Fishel,

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