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Here is another relevant web site to this discussion, which I got from IBM 

XML whitepaper -- Providing Web access to business applications and data
from emerging devices will continue to grow in importance. A new
whitepaper, "AS/400 Business Data Goes Mobile Thanks to XML," shows how a
number of technologies -- XML, XML enablers, Web application servers, Java,
servlets pervasive computing devices, etc. -- can be used with AS/400 to
provide an application solution. To view this and other Java white papers,
visit: http://www.as400.ibm.com/developer/java/papers.html.

Al Macintyre  

  • Subject: Learning Curve from AS/400 Magazine: August 2000 issue
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August 9, 2000 -- Welcome to Learning Curve, AS/400 Magazine's monthly
education summary. This feature is intended to provide you with the latest
news on AS/400 educational offerings from IBM and other AS/400 education
providers. For additional education-related resources, visit
the400resource.com and look for the Learning Curve link. You can also get
your FREE subscription to AS/400 Magazine at the400resource.com -- visit:
https://www.the400resource.com/ssl/subscribe.shtml .

Would you like to Learning Curve e-mailed to you each month? Just send an
e-mail to neiltardy@us.ibm.com.

LEARNING CURVE IS SPONSORED by Aldon Computer Group (http://www.aldon.com)
and Symtrax Corp. (http://www.symtrax.com).

EVENTS -- AS/400e Extreme Business Tour; Web seminars; AS/400 Technical
DOMINO -- Domino for AS/400 Performance Tuning whitepaper
JAVA -- Java Briefing Days; XML whitepaper; Advanced EJB course
GENERAL EDUCATION NEWS -- AS/400 101; Labs On-Line; The 400 School and
AS/400 Magazine PowerSkills Tour 2000, IBM Learning Services;
Internet-based education courses; Mid Range Consulting; Rochester Community
and Technical College (RCTC)

We invite you to participate in Aldon's Free Online AS/400 Development
Seminars. Learn about the latest trends and solutions for AS/400 software
development. Topics include Change Management, Project Tracking, Automating
Software Upgrades and Testing. Simply register online at
http://www.aldon.com/events.htm or call 1-800-825-5858.

AS/400e Extreme Business Tour -- Find out how to transform your business
into an extreme business during this IBM-sponsored roadshow that visits 23
North American cities through mid November. Learn more about the latest
AS/400 announcements and newest technologies, including
business-to-business (B2B), supply chain management, Java, Lotus Domino,
and Web serving.

The tour will visit these cities in the next month:
* Friday, Aug. 11 -- Atlanta
* Tuesday, Aug. 15 -- Montreal
* Thursday, Aug. 17 -- Toronto
* Tuesday, Aug. 22 -- Chicago
* Thursday, Aug. 24 -- Indianapolis
* Tuesday, Aug. 29 -- Detroit
* Wednesday, Sept. 6 -- Dallas
* Monday, Sept. 11 -- Cleveland

The event is geared toward IT and MIS managers, networking and Internet
professionals, and those interested in e-business on the AS/400. For
details or to register for a tour event, visit:

Web seminars -- PartnerWorld for Developers, AS/400, is hosting the
following Web seminars in the coming month.

* Aug. 10 -- Application Service Providing with AS/400
* Aug. 24 -- AS/400 Introduction to B2B
* Sept. 7 -- ERP/SCM/Industrial Segment Solutions

The seminars -- which all begin at 11 a.m. eastern time -- are intended for
business strategists within IT companies. One IBM Workpad c3 will be given
to a participant in each event. For details, visit:

AS/400 Technical Conference -- The fall conference is Nov. 6-10 in Orlando,
Fla. The event, which is geared toward both new and veteran AS/400 users,
is designed to provide attendees with education, information, and
consultation on everything from non-technical topics like project
management to an assortment of AS/400 technologies ranging from the basics
of system operations to the latest e-business initiatives. Participants may
also take AS/400 certification and assessment tests onsite and see AS/400
product demonstrations.

IBM's Frank Soltis, AS/400 chief scientist, will speak at the opening

The registration fee is $1,495. For details, visit
http://www-3.ibm.com/services/learning/conf/as4002/index.html or call
1-800-426-8322 weekdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. eastern time (ask for

Domino for AS/400 Performance Tuning whitepaper -- When migrating
applications to and developing applications on the AS/400, some simple
steps can be taken to optimize the performance of AS/400 Domino servers.
This whitepaper explains these steps. To view this and other whitepapers on
Domino, visit:

Java Briefing Days -- Hosted by PartnerWorld for Developers, Java Briefing
Days features one-hour sessions presented by experts from the IBM
development labs as well as demos of IBM's WebSphere and VisualAge for Java
solutions. The one-day events are geared toward commercial software
developers who design and implement Java solutions.

Java Briefing Days runs from early September through mid November at IBM
Solution Partnership Center locations worldwide. Upcoming events include:

* Sept. 7 -- Mexico City, Mexico
* Sept. 12 -- Sao Paulo, Brazil
* Sept. 19 -- San Mateo, Calif.
* Sept. 21 -- Chicago

For details, visit: http://www.developer.ibm.com/news/javabrf.html.

XML whitepaper -- Providing Web access to business applications and data
from emerging devices will continue to grow in importance. A new
whitepaper, "AS/400 Business Data Goes Mobile Thanks to XML," shows how a
number of technologies -- XML, XML enablers, Web application servers, Java,
servlets pervasive computing devices, etc. -- can be used with AS/400 to
provide an application solution. To view this and other Java white papers,
visit: http://www.as400.ibm.com/developer/java/papers.html.

Advanced EJB course -- Need to learn more about developing EJB components
in VisualAge for Java? This new three-day course (SW224) for developers
with server-side Java experience will teach you advanced programming
techniques for developing EJB-based solutions. The course assumes prior
knowledge of VisualAge for Java and WebSphere Application Server, Advanced
Edition. For details, visit:

Bravo Express lets you distribute AS/400 objects via the Web, e-mail or
drag & drop. Remote users or clients use the FREE Bravo Reader to upload
objects. Send updates, fixes, new software; forget costly AS/400 media!
Perfect for AS/400 software companies or companies with multiple AS/400s.
Download at http://www.symtrax.com or call (310) 216-9536 for a free trial


AS/400 101 -- For both AS/400 newbies and seasoned professionals, the
challenge of getting an AS/400 up and running can be a bit intimidating.
With this in mind, the AS/400 Technical Studio has developed AS/400 101.
Like an introductory college course, AS/400 101 guides you through the
basics of setting up your AS/400 and familiarizes you with the AS/400
environment. An OS/400 V4R5 version of the course has recently been added
to the previously available V4R4 version. To access both courses, visit:

Labs On-Line -- A new way to take AS/400 labs, Labs On-Line, is now
available. Created by AS/400 technical experts at PartnerWorld for
Developers, AS/400, and Rochester Community and Technical College (RCTC) in
Rochester, Minn., Labs On-Line allows you to take labs on a remote AS/400
via the Internet. There is a nominal introductory fee for customers -- the
service is free for PartnerWorld for Developers, AS/400, members.

The labs are available 24 hours a day. Technical support is available via
e-mail weekdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. All questions will be responded
to within four working hours.

The following labs are currently available. Look for others in the coming

* Lotus Domino for AS/400 Release 5.0 Installation and Configuration
* Net.Data

For details or to register, visit:
http://www.as400.ibm.com/developer/education/index.html and select "Labs

The 400 School and AS/400 Magazine PowerSkills Tour -- The PowerSkills Tour
2000 features industry-leading speakers presenting practical, timely and
interesting AS/400 topics.

* RPG IV and ILE JumpStart -- Sept. 18-19 in Philadelphia
* AS/400 SQL PowerSkills -- Sept. 18-19 in Philadelphia; Sept. 21-22 in Las
* AS/400 JAVA PowerSkills -- Sept. 21-22 in Las Vegas
* RPG IV Advanced Wizardry -- Oct. 2-3 in Dallas; Oct. 5-6 in Orlando, Fla.
* AS/400 TCP/IP PowerSkills -- Oct. 2 in Dallas; Oct. 5 in Orlando, Fla.
* Advanced TCP/IP and Connectivity -- Oct. 3 in Dallas; Oct. 6 in Orlando,

The series is sponsored by The 400 School (http://www.400school.com) Hal
North America (http://www.halna.com) and AS/400 Magazine. For a complete
schedule, visit: http://www.400school.com/schedule.htm.

IBM Learning Services -- Here is a list of some new AS/400 courses:

* AS/400 Product Sales School (Shark Camp), S6200 --
* AS/400 Tools and Techniques for Updating Core RPG Applications, S6148 --
* WebSphere Advanced Edition 3.0 for AS/400 System Configuration and
Programming, S6174 --

For details on these courses and other Learning Services offerings, visit:

Internet-based education (IBE) courses are instructional modules written by
AS/400 technical experts with PartnerWorld for Developers, AS/400, in
Rochester, Minn. IBEs cover the latest AS/400-related subjects. They
include multimedia presentations featuring speaker notes, audio, frequently
asked questions (FAQs), Web links, pop quizzes, and a final test. These
courses are intended for business partners and customers who are interested
in AS/400 application development.

Here are the newest IBE offerings:
* Application Models for WebSphere: Advanced Edition 3.02 for AS/400 --
* Hands On XML Lab --
* Lotus Domino for AS/400: Performance Tuning --

For a complete listing of Internet-based education courses and to register,
visit: http://www.as400.ibm.com/developer.education/ibcs.html?instruct.

Mid Range Consulting -- AS/400 operations and programming classes are
available at the company's Bedford, N.H., facilities. Each class consists
of presentations and hands-on workshop exercises. Upcoming classes include:

* Database -- Sept. 18
* Intro to RPG -- Sept. 19-22
* Advanced Topics RPG -- Sept. 26-29

For details or to register online, visit: http://www.rpgtraining.com.

Rochester Community and Technical College (RCTC) -- You won't fall short
when choosing RCTC as your AS/400 education provider. Check out our fall

* Systems Management and High Availability, Sept. 13-15
* Domino for the AS/400, Sept. 18-20
* Understanding Security Fundamentals and Advanced Topics, Sept. 21-22
* SQL From Soup to Nuts on the AS/400, Oct. 3-4
* Using TCP/IP on the AS/400, Oct. 5-6
* RPG IV Basic Introduction, Oct. 9-11
* RPG IV Advanced Concepts, Oct. 12-13
* Java for RPG Programmers, Oct. 16-20

For details, visit http://www.rctclearn.net (select "Workforce
Education/Computer"), call 1-800-247-1296 or send an e-mail to

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