• Subject: Re: question about virus today & e-mail scanners
  • From: Chuck Lewis <clewis@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 05 May 2000 08:08:00 +0100

The Monkey virus which was out 7 or 8 years ago, could itself from your virus software telling you it was there. It loaded up and copied itself to every other diskette that was put into a PC. It did NOTHING if your scanner looked for it without the "clean/disinfect" option enabled, BUT if that option WAS enabled, it went to work and basically destroyed your drive (forget now but seems like it over wrote the boot sector or moved it, etc.). Bad virus but sort of clever in a macabre way...

So based on that, I would NEVER set auto clean on because you can never underestimate these folks that are writing these things...

Always have it tell it round something and KEEP UP TO DATE on the virus scanner software.

I got the virus when I checked my email yesterday morning but 2 message before that I had 2 alerts from Sophos (the anti virus product we use) warning about this.

Once again, Micro Outlook is being used as a launch pad...

As you have no doubt read by now, there are other things you can do to avoid ones like this one !


Jim Franz wrote:

Does anyone know if a scanning tool for e-mail could trigger the execution of the virus attachment? I know some tools read or check attachments. I have a customer with an e-mail scanner for an Exchange Server. Also my daughter's AOL account has some sort of filter. Someone earlier mentioned IRC (chat). What would I look for (or warn people to watch out for)?Jim Franz

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