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Another recent example is Apple Macintosh ... a great operating system & talk 
about user friendly & uptime ... but brain dead marketing, so now M$ rules 
the micro computer market place - an inferior product, inferior to OS/2 & 

As we look through history of other technology, this not just computers ... 

I think external combustion engine had great advantages over internal 
combustion engine ... the winners of the marketing competition had some 
propaganda about risk of blow up but Stanley Steamer offered some huge prize 
money to the heirs of such an event which never happened.

Ditto helium air ships over early helicopters

Lots of great products out there whose marketing failed in competition with 
vastly inferior products.

And not just technology.

Theories of Henry George have much value compared to those of Keynesian 
Economics but the winnah is which understood by academic world, and Georgist 
Economics ends up on scrap heap of history.

>  From:    JFritz@sharperimage.com (Joel Fritz)
>  I don't think that being enthusiastic about what the 400 can do is
>  incompatible with being uneasy about its future.  As a former Atari ST 
>  (let's have a show of hands from those who never want to see the word
>  "Atari" again) I'm real familiar with this situation.  

Al Macintyre  
http://www.cen-elec.com MIS Manager Programmer & Computer Janitor
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